About Geneva Schiller

I spent my childhood being thrown around the world by my parents, so I guess that was the magic wand that made me so indecisive.
My dentist uncle pulled out my front teeth when I was a kid, and that’s why I hate bullying… and sandwiches.
I like the way long nails lengthen my fingers, so I never learned to play the piano. I do try to whistle though. Just to compensate my short list of  “look what I can do” things.
I don’t look my father in the eye when we talk about anything besides history and maths, so I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody told me if I have some sort of male-intimacy issues.
I like even numbers, so I’m very careful with knives and try to ignore toothpicks in restaurants – or else I’ll just loose the evening to counting.
I can sneeze very quietly, so when I do, I feel that I would be extremely adequate in very special and honorable occasions and high class balls and what not. It’s a fraction of a second I feel very classy.
When morning comes, I’ll see myself in a mirror, I might update this.
Merci, Merci! To every visitor!

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